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Bamberg County School District

Bamberg County School District is a rural district located in the eastern portion of South Carolina, just a little more than an hour from Charleston, Columbia, and Augusta Georgia. We serve approximately 1800 students across 6 schools; Richard Carroll Elementary School, Denmark-Olar Elementary School, Bamberg-Ehrhardt Middle School, Denmark-Olar Middle School, Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School, and Denmark-Olar High School. 

Mission Statement:


The mission of Bamberg County School District is to educate and empower every student to reach their greatest potential by creating safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments.



Empowering Every Child, Every Day.



  • Our learning environments must be safe and supportive for all.
  • Active parental and community involvement produces positive results and cultivates learners to become good citizens. 
  • Through teamwork with parents, students, and educational staff, learners can achieve their highest potential.
  • It is essential that all individuals are valued and are treated fairly and equitably.
  • All students deserve a world class education to include access to appropriate technology and resources.
  • It is critical that teachers, staff and administrators exemplify commitment and integrity and are fully invested in improving student success.
  • Clear and consistent communication between home, school, and community is essential to success.



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